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Where is Hurricane Pamela Now? Casualties & Updates

Where is Hurricane Pamela now?
Where is Hurricane Pamela now?

Where is hurricane Pamela now? On Oct 13, that is on last Wednesday hurricane, Pamela made its way into Mexico’s Pacific Coast. The hurricane was accompanied by heavy rain and wind. Just about 40 miles away from Mazatlan, the hurricane started getting stronger. The region is where most of Mexico’s tourist’s resorts reside. According to reports from the US national hurricane center, hurricane Pamela has maximum winds of 75mph at landfall. The speed is said to slow down as it moves into the inland region.

By the next day, the hurricane had made its way to Texas. It moved northeast at 14mph. The forecast said that there might actually be life-threatening floods and storms around the region. Keep Reading to know more on “where is hurricane Pamela now?”

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After-effects of Pamela

on Oct 15, the remnants of hurricane Pamela in Texas took the lives of two. The flash floods that accompanied the hurricane were responsible for this. The floods swept away the vehicles of a woman and a young girl in Texas Bexar Country.

According to reports by fox news, the two vehicles that were swept away due to the floods were driven by a man and the other by a 52-year-old woman. Along with the man were two boys and a five-year-old girl. Accompanying the woman in the car were two boys. Apparently, they were headed to a traditional elementary school.

Where is hurricane Pamela now

Hurricane Pamela

It was 6.30 am central daylight time when the two vehicles and their passengers were swept into St. Hedwigs Martinez Creek. It is situated just on the outskirts of San Antonio. All the people who were in the vehicles belonged to the same extended family. Fortunately, the man and the four boys were rescued. But the officials were not able to rescue the woman and the five-year-old. When the girl’s body was found, she was still wearing her backpack for school. The woman’s body had moved from the vehicle and had fallen ten feet underwater.

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Were there more casualties to the hurricane Pamela?

According to reports by Fox News, the woman and the girl were the only casualties. However, many others were rescued from the floods. The region of San Antonio reported 3.5 inches of rainfall, and more than double of that fell in Gonzales, Texas. Central Texas and southeastern Oklahoma were the ones most affected by the hurricane.

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Why are there more hurricanes recently?

The ocean temperatures and sea-level rise has been increased recently due to climate change and global warming. This will cause the impact and intensity of hurricanes to rise. This will be accompanied by more property destruction and will render more lives at risk. The higher sea surface temperatures will increase the intensity and speed of the wins accompanying the hurricanes. Also the rise in sea level with add to its damaging effects. According to current studies, hurricanes seem to be heading poleward. This is due to rising temperatures accompanied by global warming and climate changes.

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What is a hurricane?

We can say that it is a tropical cyclone. It is a system with low pressure, and accompanying it will be natural disasters such as thunder, lightning, and floods. The stronger storms are often the one’s terms as hurricanes or typhoons. The weaker ones are called tropical storms

where is hurricane pamela now

hurricane Pamela

ne center, if the wind speed of the storm is greater than 74mph, it is a Category 1 hurricane. If it is more than 111mph, then it is a category 3 hurricane. These are the ones that are responsible for major destructions. It is not just the wind speed that decides the impact, damage, or classification of hurricanes. It also includes factors such as the rainfall amount accompanying it, size, duration, the structure of the storm, and its effects.

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