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The Harder They Fall Ending Explained: What Happened In The End?

The Harder They Fall Ending Explained
The Harder They Fall Ending Explained

The Harder They Fall Ending is Explained here. The harder they fall is the 2021 American film. It is directed by Jeymes Samuel. Jeymes Samuel not only directed the film but also was involved in writing the script of the movie along with Boaz Yakin. The main cast members of the movie are all black. The announcement of the movie was made in July 2019. The film stars Jonathan Majors as the lead character Nat Love. The movie also has a wide range of actors such as Idris Elba, Regina King, Zazie Beetz, Delroy Lindo, and Lakeith Stanfield.

Ever since the movie was released, people have been wondering about the ending of the movie. It seems that the ending of the harder they fall has left many viewers confused. It premiered at the BFI London film festival on 6th October in 2021. In his theatre on 22nd October and has been streaming on Netflix since 3rd November. Since the movie watchers are confused about the ending of the movie, we have decided to do an article based on it. So read on to find the harder they fall, ending explained.

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The Plot of the Movie

When the movie begins, we see Nat Love having dinner with his parents. Suddenly Rufus Black, along with his gang members, Storms into his house. They kill Nat’s parents by shooting them. They leave after carving a cross on Nat’s forehead. Then the movie flashes forward, and now we see a growing-up Nat. He is now an outcast seeking revenge. He also murdered one of the gang members that attacked his house. His partners include Bill Pickett and Jim Beckwourth. One day bill and Zim attack another gang, and they steal the money that this gang had stolen from a bank.

As they get hold of the $25,000 from the bank robbery, a person from the gang they attacked tell them that the money belongs to buck. Meanwhile, love goes on to meet his ex-girlfriend Mary Fields. She manages a wide number of saloons. Bill then informs Nat of this news. Elsewhere, members of Buck’s gang, including Trudy Smith and Cherokee Bill, attack a train. In this train, Buck is being taken by a group of soldiers who are dishonorable. Due to the attack, the soldiers are forced to release Buck. After he is released, Buck orders his gang to kill all of the soldiers except the youngest member of them.

After this incident, Buck and his gang return to their hometown of Redwood. Trudy happens to have a saloon in Redwood. When buck returns, he finds out that Redwood is now run by his old friend Wiley Escoe. Even though it was Bach who handed him that position, Wiley took it for granted and became corrupt. Seeing the state of the town, Buck beats him and tells him to leave immediately.

Nat Love’s Arrest

Buck announces to the townspeople that in order to save Redwood, they need to raise $50,000 and proposes a tax. When a man objects to his decision, he guns him down. But he comes to the conclusion that the people of the town won’t be able to raise the whole amount.

Meanwhile, at Mary’s saloon, Bass Reeves comes to arrest Nat and takes him out of there in handcuffs. This was not actually a real arrest but was staged. It comes to light that Bass and Nat had made up the false arrest so that they could go after Buck without involving Nat’s gang. Bass is furious about the fact that Buck has been pardoned. He is aware of the fact that Nat seeks revenge against Buck, and this is why he decides to help him out.

Mary, however, finds something fishy about this, and she and her friend Cuffee decide to follow them. Once they find out the truth, they insist on coming along with Nat. On the way, they come along Wiley. He tells them about Buck’s return to Redwood. Mary says that she will scan Redwood. She says that she will enter with the excuse of buying Trudy Smith’s saloon. That night before she leaves, Nat proposes to Mary. However, Mary turns him down. Read on to find out what happens in the ending of “The Harder They Fall “. Also, Don’t forget to check out the trailer of the movie, which is shown below.

Mary is Taken as Hostage

As soon as Mary comes to Redwood, Trudy takes her hostage. She beats Mary and tells her that she is going to keep her there for one day. After one day, if nobody comes for her, she will kill her off. Nat and his gang come for her, but Trudy wants him to join Mary. Nat does so. Trudy had Mary beaten. After that, Buck tells Nat that if he doesn’t want Mary to suffer like this, he should rob a bank in Marysville, a white town. After robbing the bank, he should hand over the money to Buck in order to release Mary.

The Harder The Fall Ending Explained

Idris Elba, Regina King, and Lakeith Stanfield as Rufus Buck, Trudy Smith, and Cherokee Bill in “The Harder They Fall”

Nat and Cuffee manage to rob the bank without killing anyone. Bass and Nat agree on the fact that Buck will not release Mary even if they give him the money. They get Wiley to supply them a cart full of weapons, including guns and dynamite. They then take the money to Buck in two cars. Both of the cars are filled with dynamite, and one of the cars is a fake. The fake wagon is then destroyed, taking down with it some of Buck’s men. Even though Nat gives them the money he stole, Cherokee doesn’t let him leave.

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The Gunfight

We then see Jim challenge Cherokee to a quickdraw match. But as he counts down, he is shot by Cherokee. This leads to a gunfight between Nat’s people and Buck’s gang. In this gunfight, we see Nat, Bill, Bass, and Cuffee take down a major portion of Buck’s men. In an explosion, the money that they handed over is also destroyed. Meanwhile, Wiley sneaks into Buck’s house with dynamite. But he encounters Buck in between and is killed by him. Nat and Bill are also hurt in the process.

The Harder They Fall Ending Explained

The Harder They Fall Poster

Mary, who is now freed by Cuffee, takes off after Trudy. They have a hand-to-hand fight, and Mary managed to win over Trudy. Many characters are then taken down. Bill is shot by Cherokee, and then Cherokee is shot by Cuffee. When Nat enters Buck’s house, but Buck is unwilling to fight or defend himself.

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The Harder They Fall Ending Explained

Buck tells Nat about his parents. His father was an outlaw, just like him. His father used to abuse his mother all the time. When Buck was ten years old, his father killed his mother and then left his son. So in order to take revenge, he hunted down his father. It turns out that his father has changed his old ways and now has a family and son. That son was Nat himself. The revenge that Buck wanted was driving Nat into outlawry so that he wouldn’t get to live a decent life. The father he killed for revenge was also Nat’s father, which meant that they were half brothers.

Buck also explains that he drew a cross on Nat’s face so that when he saw him again, he would recognize him. Nat then guns down Buck killing him. Nat and his gang then bury Jim and Bill near a grave in which is engraved the name “Nat Love”. Bass is going to report Nat as dead, and Cuffee will join Bass. We then see Nat and Mary ride off, and Trudy looks on from a distance.

And thus, we have come to the end of the article titled ” The Harder They Fall Ending Explained”. If you read the article thoroughly, you will be able to understand the entire plot of the movie properly. If you didn’t already, then go ahead and read it again. Also, Do check out the movie on Netflix.

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