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What’s Upcoming In My Hero Academia Chapter 356?

My Hero Academia Chapter 356

Chapter 356 of My Hero Academia returns to the continuing conflict in the Gunga Mountain Range after a week-long vacation. While the teasers have alleviated some anxieties over the heroes’ safety revealed today. The additional stress has arisen regarding the likelihood of any triumph against All for One (AFO). According to the teasers, Chapter 356 of My Hero Academia focuses mainly on Endeavor’s return to fighting. With a brief origin tale detailing the genesis of his hero name. While the spoilers have not endeared the Flame Hero to more critical admirers, most readers have come to understand his intentions and desires for change.

Endeavor continues to battle in My Hero Academia Chapter 356 despite losing an arm. Endeavor regained consciousness while on the ground in the last chapter. Hawks attempted to buy him time till he could rejoin the battle. AFO’s strike severed Jirou’s left ear, yet she still managed a retaliation that reawakened the villain’s stolen Quirks. Hawks managed to sever a portion of AFO’s mask while he was incapacitated by striking. It is with katanas at a vulnerable point. According to the spoilers, Chapter 356 of My Hero Academia is entitled “Regarding the Enemy.” However, the official translation may alter the chapter’s title and the names of any attacks.

My Hero Academia Chapter 356

Chapter 356 of My Hero Academia opens with Tokoyami launching his new assault, “Black Ankh Ragnarok: Fleeting,” against AFO. Hawks also joins the assault, saying that AFO was dumb to believe the heroes were only buying time for Endeavor. AFO, on the other hand, realizes that he was only struck because Jirou’s prior sound-based strike weakens his Vibration and Infrared Quirks. AFO addresses this problem by consuming the consciousnesses of his Quirks inside the remnant world.

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Regaining his mobility, he launches a volley of sharp blades at everyone. While Hawks attempts to defend Tokoyami and Jirou, the edges reassemble AFO’s mask. Endeavor returns to the combat at that time, but the blades immediately cut his right arm. Chapter 356 of MHA returns to the time Endeavor was on the ground. He hallucinated an encounter with his younger self, who pushed him to recall his beginnings.

Endeavor’s weaknesses

The younger Endeavor warned the Flame Hero, despite his professions of atonement. He had shown his vulnerability to the world. In a flashback, a student aboard the Endeavor is unfortunate with the death of a father who attempts to save his daughter. But ultimately perished with her. Endeavor recalls that, after the event, he desired to be as exceptional and resilient as his father. Therefore adopted the moniker Endeavor. However, he will never be All-Mighty, and he must first face his weaknesses. The endeavor creates a new arm of fire to replace the one he just lost and hits AFO, shattering his mask once again.

Fans were happy to see Jirou alive, although Endeavor seems to be the chapter’s primary emphasis. Intriguingly, his genesis tale involves a father and a kid, given that Endeavor has failed his children the most. Redemption of Endeavor has been one of the most hotly contested issues among the fanbase.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 356 Release Date

Chapter 356 of My Hero Academia is set for publication on June 19, 2022. The confrontation between the heroes and evil is steadily approaching its conclusion. So don’t miss the weekly Sunday releases of new chapters. It is only after the release of MHA Chapter 356. The spoilers’ type and breadth of Tokoyami’s strike are not specified. But the raw scans indicate that it utilized a “Smash” technique. AFO’s blades resemble those that impaled Bakugo during the Paranormal Liberation Front War storyline but are more numerous and have a more extended range. While the loss of Endeavor’s arm would be a disadvantage for the heroes, he succeeds in shattering AFO’s mask more extensively than Hawks. It remains to be seen if AFO can reassemble it after the chapter is officially published.

Where to Read My Hero Academia Chapter 356?

My Hero Academia Chapter 356 will be accessible on many online sites, including Viz, Mangaplus, and the official website for Shonen Jump. To read the whole catalog, you must convert to a premium site after reading the final three chapters for free.

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