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Who Plays Enid In The Netflix Show Wednesday?

Enid Sinclair
Enid Sinclair in Wednesday (courtesy Netflix)

Ever since the release of the show Wednesday on Netflix last month, interest amongst the viewers regarding the characters and cast involved has grown extensively. The latest Netflix show is a spin-off series based on the popular Addams Family characters with the introduction of various new characters with a new plot.

The character of sarcastic and sadist Wednesday Addams takes center stage in this spin-off series. The series focuses on Wednesday trying to investigate a murder mystery at her new school Nevermore Academy. She is accompanied by her roommate Enid in the investigation leading to several entertaining events.

Many instances where the two polar opposite personalities of Wednesday Addams and Enid Sinclair come together on screen served as quite a treat for the viewers watching the show. The synergy between the two made all of us adore both the characters and cast, and we can’t help but wait for a sequel to get more of them in the future!

Who Plays The Role of Enid Sinclair?

Emma Myers

Emma Myers

The viewer response to the Netflix show Wednesday has been immense! Fans thoroughly enjoyed the first season and loved the star cast of the show. Enid Sinclair shines amongst the lot, and fans have been curious to know more about the actress playing the role since the show’s debut.

Emma Myers plays the role of Enid Sinclair, the bubbly blonde roommate of the central character of the show, Wednesday Addams. She perfectly fits into the on-screen role of Enid in the show.

We have previously seen Emma Myers in The Glades, Girl In The Basement, and A Taste of Christmas, but her portrayal of Enid Sinclair in the latest Netflix show, Wednesday, is perhaps her most popular role.

Who Is Enid Sinclair?

Enid Sinclair

Enid Sinclair in Wednesday (courtesy Netflix)

Enid Sinclair, played by Emma Myers, is a student at the Nevermore Academy. She is given to share her room with Wednesday Addams, the central character of the show. Enid is from a family of werewolves and thus possesses supernatural powers and abilities that get revealed throughout the plot.

From the outside, Enid seems like a stereotypical superficial, blonde and bubbly girl, but there are various other shades to her personality too. When she is paired with Wednesday at Nevermore Academy, a girl with a polar opposite personality, they surprisingly blend in quite well! 

Enid Sinclair’s Character Development Throughout The Series

Enid Sinclair

Enid Sinclair in Wednesday (courtesy Netflix)

Initially, she is presented as the bubbly girl of the school in the series. She is friendly with all her classmates and greets everyone with a bright smile. Her aesthetics, too, are bright colors that compliment her personality.

As the episodes roll out, we come to realize that she has her insecurities too, and she often looks down upon herself. But as we move deeper into the first season, she develops her personality as her powers and abilities grow too.

Towards the end, Enid turns more confident about herself, leaving her self-doubts behind. She also turns into a person who stands up for other people and looks after her friends.

Enid Sinclair’s Powers and Abilities

Enid Sinclair Claws

Enid Sinclair in Wednesday (courtesy Netflix)

Enid belongs to a family of werewolves. She inherited a lot from her family, which makes her quite powerful with amazing abilities. She can bring out her claws at her will, which are strong enough to rip through tough things and beings.

She has superhuman strength and speed, which the viewers can see as the plot moves on. Initially, she wasn’t able to shapeshift and take her full werewolf form but later, towards the climax, she develops this ability too.

Enid Sinclair’s Relationship With Wednesday Addams 

Enid Sinclair and Wednesday Addams

Enid Sinclair and Wednesday Addams in Wednesday (courtesy Netflix)

Enid Sinclair and Wednesday Addams have opposite personalities. While one is a bubbly, happy-go-lucky individual, the other one is a sarcastic and sadist individual. The aesthetics of both the characters completely contrast each other as one is full of colors, and the other dawns a dark demeanor. 

But as the saying goes, opposites attract each other— the pair ends up being quite close to one other. Enid acts as the source of gossip and news for Wednesday, as the latter hardly socializes with anyone.

While on the surface, it may seem as if Enid is the one who is carrying their friendship ahead, but on taking a deeper look, we can all see that Wednesday gives her efforts now and then in her peculiar way too.

Enid Sinclair is an adorable character in the Netflix show, and fans love the character a lot too! Emma Myers did a spectacular job at playing the part, and we all are eager to witness her play her on-screen character of Enid in the coming seasons of Wednesday!

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