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Boruto Episode 180: Beginning of Vessel Arc

Boruto Episode 180

In this article, we will look into the events of Boruto Episode 180 and how it will transition into the beginning of the new arc. In the beginning, Boruto realizes that his mother’s birthday is coming close, and so he decides to buy her a present using the pay he was about to receive. After collecting his pay and having a chat with Sarada and Mitsuki regarding future missions assigned in the absence of Konohamaru, Boruto leaves them. On strolling through the streets, he sees Mugino in a rush and follows him. On catching up with him, two vendors arrive claiming Mugino was to pay back his tab. Having the money with him, Boruto pays off Mugino’s tab. After which, they both go to Mugino’s place.

Boruto Episode 180 Recap

Boruto Episode 180 titled, “The Assassin Mugino,” looks into the past of Mugino and how he started out as an assassin. At reaching his place, Mugino tells how he looked up to the third Hokage, “Hiruzen Sarutobi,” for saving his life. He narrates his story: In the past, when wars took place, many children lost their parents, who were then kidnapped and forced to conduct assassinations. Mugino was one of them and was to assassinate the Third Hokage when he arrived in his refugee camp.

At night, Mugino gains access into Sarutobi’s cabin. After entering, when Hiruzen looks away, Mugino attacks him with a hidden knife. Sarutobi counters him and sees the curse mark on Mugino’s neck by which he was being threatened to conduct assassinations. Sarutobi creates an opening by getting struck by the knife; while the kidnappers on the lookout lose their guard, Hiruzen takes them down using a clone.

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Hiruzen apologizes to Mugino for the actions of adults, which lead to children having a tougher life. He gives him a letter which would gain him entry to the Hidden Leaf Village so that he could visit or be even friends with his grandson Konohamaru. When Mugino finally decides to go to the village, Hiruzen had already passed away protecting the village against Orochimaru. Thanks to the letter, he was allowed into Shinobi School and eventually became one. After narrating the story, Mugino leaves for his two-person mission with Konohamaru.

Mugino’s way of living

In the beginning, we see how Mugino has yet to pay tabs for the food he eats, how he claims to have given his pay to a young boy whose sister was seemingly sick. After Boruto pays his tab for him, he gets Boruto to even pay for his meal, leaving Boruto penniless. On reaching his home, we see that it is an ancient and creaky place. The floorboards are weak, there is barely 3-4 furniture, and he has a turtle, which he only recently purchased. On enquiring regarding his lifestyle, Mugino claims that he is happy living like this. He does not believe in having possessions and wants to die just as he was born, i.e., with nothing.

Katasuke Tomo

Katasuke is a person specializing in scientific ninja tools to help people. But during the Chunin exams, he was put under Genjutsu, due to which he committed some questionable actions. Naruto forgave him and had him continue his research. Now, he has prepared a special prosthetic arm for Naruto and is looking forward to him using it. Naruto says that he is glad he gave him back his position as his knowledge on scientific ninja tools was incomparable and could be useful but still is vary as to who put him in Genjutsu.

Beginning of new Arc: Episode 181 Preview

Episode 181 will commence the “Vessel arc,” the long-anticipated story which everyone was looking forward to. The manga is going slow, the series was filled with filler episodes, but it is finally time we get back on track. Viz Media released a trailer, as well as a new key visual, for the upcoming arc. In this arc, we will finally meet Kawaki and get more info on Kara members such as Jigen, Delta, Kashin Koji, Amado, Code, and Boro.

Back in episode 179, we saw that the airship provided by Victor for transporting the “vessel” loses altitude and crashes. The crash site is near the borders of the Land of Fire, and that is what Konohamaru and Mugino are sent to check out on their mission in the upcoming episode. In the video preview, we see Jigen claiming that they have lost the vessel, which means we could finally get to meet Kawaki again in the anime, which we saw last time in the first scene of the very first episode.

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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 181 Release Date

Episode 181, titled “The Vessel,” is set to be aired on January 10, 2021, at 7:25 pm JST. Be sure to convert the time into your own time zone to watch it just as it airs. The anime will resume after 2 weeks and will be the beginning of a new arc. You can catch up on all Boruto: Naruto Next Generations episodes on streaming platforms, including Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Funimation.

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