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Red Haired Anime Characters

Red Haired Anime Characters

As we all know that Naruto has been a fan favorite with characters that possess tremendous powers; it would be weird if we talk about the red-haired anime characters and not include characters from Naruto. Gaara has light skin with short red spiky hair at a young age, but he combs to the right in his adulthood. He also has a red mark on his forehead. Gaara is one of the Shinobi of Sunagakure, and the jinchuriki of the ‘”One-Tailed Shukaku” was sealed within him before his birth.

The villagers of Suna feared him and called him a monster due to the One-Tailed Shukaku within him. He grew up with a lot of hatred towards people around him since he had no one to connect to. Since childhood, Gaara took care of himself and decided to kill anyone he met, but things changed after Naruto Uzumaki defeated him.

Naruto changed Gaara’s life and gave him the meaning of living without hurting others despite the hatred he endured throughout his life. His friendship with Naruto builds him to a point where he becomes the head of his village (Suna’s Fifth Kazekage known as Godaime Kazekage). He protects the village and everyone.

Renji Abarai: Bleach

Renji is one of the lieutenants of the sixth Division under Captain Byakuya Kuchiki. He later gets married to Rukia Kuchiki. But also worked under Kenpachi Zaraki; Renji has long red hair and brown eyes. He keeps his red hair in a  high ponytail. But during his childhood, his hairline was leveled. But he changed his hairstyle as he grew up and got tribal tattoos on his upper body, which increased over time.

Red Haired Anime Characters


Shanks: One Piece

Shanks is a pirate and leader of his crew who likes to call him Red-Haired Shanks. He is an important pirated in One Piece that played a huge role in Luffy’s life. He is known as the legendary powerful pirate in the Grand Line and the leader of the Red-Haired Pirates. He also became the Emperors in the half of the Grand Line. Shanks is a tall and skinny muscular man with medium red hair and always loved to wear his hat before giving it to Luffy.

Red Haired Anime Characters


He is Luffy’s childhood hero and was once a member of Gol D. Roger’s Pirates. Shanks is friendly and doesn’t like to settle scores with violence unless the one close to his heart is hurt. He has never been shown in combat until he faces Whitebeard. His hat has become famous since Luffy explored various adventures, nicknamed Straw Hat. Shanks has been wearing that hat for decades and gave it to Luffy after saving him.

Eijiro Kirishima: My Hero Academia

Eijiro or the Sturdy Hero: Red Riot is Class 1-A at U.A. High School. Eijiro is making his way to become a Pro Hero. He has impressive physic and muscles with red eyes and medium-long red hair. Another part of his red hair is spiky, and he is always seen wearing school uniform unless he is on hero duty.

Red Haired Anime Characters


Karin: Naruto

Karin works with Orochimaru making experiments, and she was once a kunoichi of Kusagakure. Before joining Orochimaru, she was one of the Uzumaki clan’s members. She has big eyes, light skin, and red hair of the Uzumaki clan. Karin’s red hair is spiky, short, and long straight on the left side. She helped Orochimaru with experiments and left her in charge when Orochimaru was away. But she was later promoted into Sasuke Uchiha’s group known as Taka, but they used to call it “Hebi.”

Red Haired Anime Characters


Karma Akabane: Assassination Classroom

Karma Akabane attends Korosensei’s Class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Junior High School. He was suspended because of violent behavior. But he was Nagisaa’s best friend. Karma has fair skin, short red hair, and pale eyes goldish. But when you look at him, one can say that Karma is a good student since his appearance and smile hide violence.

Red Haired Anime Characters

Akabane Karma

Grelle Sutcliff: Kuroshitsuji

Grelle, also known as Gureru Satokurifu, is a Grim Reaper. Grelle is a member of the Retrieval Division of the Grim Reaper Dispatch. Grelle first posed as Angelina Dalles’s butler. The two conspired as Jack the Ripper, which made them suspended, but they became the Grim Reaper. Grelle has long red hair, shark teeth, red frame glasses with a chain with skulls. Grelle is like other Grim Reapers who have chartreuse phosphorescent eyes.

Red Haired Anime Characters


Hisoka Morow: Hunterpedia

Hisoka Morow is one of the Hunter and was once a member #4 of the Phantom Troupe. But Hisoka’s strength was ranked third in the group. Hisoka loves to challenge strong opponents and spare those potent, such as Killua and Gon, to get strong. He was a primary villain of the Heavens Arena arc and Hunter Exam arc. He looks like a magician with red hair, and he is tall with light skin. He changes his costume in different arcs.

Red Haired Anime Characters


Mikoto Mikoshiba: Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Mikoshiba Mikoto or Mikorin is the heroe of the series. He worked with Umetarou Nozaki’s assistants and  Yuu Kashima’s best friend. His peers call him a handsome boy with red hair red eyes, and his hair is swept to the ride side. Mikoto loves to wear two costumes; he loves to wear the standard Roman Academy uniform at school. He loves to wear flashy clothes at places like home and is interested in fashion magazines.

Red Haired Anime Characters


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Soma Yukihira: Shokugeki no Soma

Soma is the main character of Shokugeki no Soma. He was born in the Restaurant Yukihira, owned by his parents, Joichiro Yukihira and Tamako Yukihira; the two are the proud owner of the family restaurant. Soma is the 92nd Totsuki Generation alumnus. He used to reside in Polar Star Dormitory. Soma is a boy with yellow eyes and spiky red hair. But he always loves to wrap a white veil around his forehead.

Red Haired Anime Characters

Soma Yukihara

Soma was once 1st seat of the Elite Ten Council. He received a scar on his left eyebrow when he was in elementary school. After the Regiment de Cuisine, Soma cut his hair and loves to wear Restaurant Yukihira cooking uniform.

Loki Laevatein: Kamigami no Asobi

Loki is also known as Roki Revatein and the Norse God of Fire. Loki is the main character in the Kamigami no Asobi. He has red hair tied into a single braid with four beauty marks, and three are under his right eye and the other one at his left lip. Loki has long ears like an elf and loves to wear school, a tie, a vest, and pants with a long jacket and boots.

Red Haired Anime Characters

Loki Laevatein

He filled his pockets with various pranks and candies. The horns emerge on his forehead in deity mode, and his hair grows fiercer. His single braided hair grows and splits into three.

Choza Akimichi: Naruto

Choza is one of the jonin of Konohagakure and was once Shikaku Nara and Inoichi Yamanaka’s teammate. They were known as the previous Ino–Shika–Cho trio. Choza is the fifteenth head of the Akimichi clan. He is a tall, chubby man with long spiky red hair and purple markings on his cheeks. The purple markings are from the Akimichi clan. He loves to wear a samurai outfit with armor.

Red Haired Anime Characters


Pyrrha Nikos: RWBY

Pyrrha is a former student of now-defunct Beacon Academy. She was a member of Team JNPR before she died. She wielded Milo as her weapon of choice, a red and spear-like weapon that could turn into a rifle or a short sword. She has red hair that reaches her waist and curls into a loose ringle. She was a tall and muscular lady who possessed tremendous strength.

Red Haired Anime Characters

Pyrrha Nikos

Pyrrha also uses a shield known as Akouo̱, which looks like a classic hoplon. One day she got involved in a battle with Cinder Fall. Cinder Fall gained control of the Fall Maiden’s powers. Pyrrha was brutalized and killed by Cinder, who incinerated her body despite her efforts.

Azuma Genkaku: Deadman Wonderland

Azuma Genkaku is, also known as Uber Monk, was the head of the Undertakers. Azuma called himself an “Ultra Buddhist Priest.” But he was defeated by Ganta’s Ganbare Gun, who Nagi helped. Genkaku didn’t die out of that attack, but he was left incapacitated. He is a man with long red hair, but he was taken to Deadman Wonderland shortly before. He loves to dress like a Japanese monk and wears prayer beads with a skull.

Red Haired Anime Characters

Azuma Genkaku

Satori Tendo: Haikyu!!

Satori was one of the volleyball team’s middle blockers and a third-year student at Shiratorizawa Academy. Other teams noticed his talent and called him the Guess Monster. But now he is working as a chocolatier in France. He has spiky red hair with red eyebrows and always looks asleep. In the Post-time-skip, Satori shaved off his hair, but he appears the same.

Red Haired Anime Characters

Satori Tendo

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Muu Alexius: Magi-The Labyrinth Of Magic

Muu is half-human, and Fanalis was once a Reim Empire’s Fanalis Corps leader. But now, he is currently the owner of the Djinn Barbatos. Muu later became the Dungeon Capturer. He conquered the dungeon and also became Scheherazade’s, King Vessel. In the Final Arc, he became a Reim Empire’s Senate member. Muu is tall with long red hair and eyes.

Red Haired Anime Characters

Muu Alexius

He has the markings of the Fanalis heritage. He is like most Fanalis that has a piercing under their lower lip. He loves to wear a metal cuirass, a metal skirt, shoulder plates, shin guards,  a large sword, and sandals. After three years, Muu changed his outfit and wore a Roman toga with sandals.

Ichika Takatsuki: Ano Natsu De Matteru

Ichika joined Kaito Kirishima’s high school coming from another country. Later, Ichika is an alien who arrived in the human world searching for her dreamland. She saved Kaito after her ship crash-lands and treated Kaito’s injuries. Ichika and Kaito became best friends. Ichika has red hair tied into a small ponytail.

Red Haired Anime Characters

Ichika Takatsuki

She is doing a third year in Kaito’s high school. Kaito also gave her a place to stay since she saved him. Ichika has violet eyes and loves to wear square-rimmed glasses that help her understand and read the human language. When she arrived in the human world, she came with only her school uniform. But she sometimes buys clothes or uses Nanami Kirishima’s clothes. Ichika loves to carry her pet Rinon.

Hanamichi Sakuragi: Slam Dunk

Hanamichi is the main character of the Slam Dunk. He attends the Shohoku High School basketball team and plays as forward. When he appeared on his first day, he had short,  pompadour-styled red hair with lines at the center of his forehead. He showed an amazing performance during his first game, but they lost. He shaves his red hair and vows that his school will never lose again. Sakuragi loves to wear blue standard Shohoku winter school uniform.

Red Haired Anime Characters

Hanamichi Sakuragi

But when they play games, he wears an orange costume and a number 10 jersey. His school also had a match against Shoyo High were they have won. After the match, he changed his normal outfit to a white short sleeve loose shirt with a loose button shirt. During training, Sakuragi wears a blue top with white running shoes.

After defeating various schools, Sakuragi bought the iconic Air Jordan 1 “Bred” colorway. It was a great pick matching Shohoku’s team color. But he later changed the color of his top and wore a red and black basketball jersey uniform. He also had fights with delinquents from other schools in the past.

Shirou Emiya: TYPE-MOON

Shirou is the main character in Fate and stays the night and the Master of Saber during the Fifth Holy Grail War. Kiritsugu Emiya adapted Shirouat young age and made him his son. But he also learned that Illyasviel Von Einzbern and the young Emiya are his adopted brothers. He has red hair and golden-brown colored eyes. Shirou was part of the events of the Fifth Holy Grail War.

Red Haired Anime Characters

Shirou Emiya

He loves to wear casual clothing with a blue and white long sleeve baseball jersey T-shirt. Shirou wears a Homurahara Academy uniform and jacket uniform with a long sleeve baseball jersey T-shirt. During Heaven’s Feel scenario, Shirou gets a new body created by Touko Aozaki. Shirou’s puppet body, which resembled the original body, hides it by wearing a long sleeve shirt with black trousers.

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Rin Matsuoka: Free!

Rin is the character in Free! Anime series. Rin is the best swimmer as a freestyle and butterfly for the Samezuka Swimming Club. He became the team captain taking over Seijuro Mikoshiba’s position since Seijuro graduated from Samezuka Academy.

Red Haired Anime Characters

Rin Matsuoka

Rin began his training with a professional coach, Mikhail Makarovich Nitori. He has red hair with muscular body. Due to his hard work with the coach, they have qualified to compete on All-Japan Invitational global level. Rin’s dream is to become one of the Olympic swimmers. Rin has red eyes and shark-like teeth and wears a winter high school uniform. He loves to carry a school bag with the word “shark” printed on it and also loves to wear a baseball cap.

Lina Inverse: KanzakaDex

Lina is a sorceress in her teens and the protagonist of the Slayers series. She has beautiful long red hair and always fulfills her sorceress role.

Red Haired Anime Characters

Lina Inverse

Sho Hinakawa: Psycho-Pass

Sho or Shou is one of the Enforcers within Division 01 of the Criminal Investigation Department. He works at the Public Safety Bureau. Sho is a young man with average height, and he is in his 20s. He has messy red hair and gray eyes, but the left eye is covered with his red hair. Sho loves to wear a black suit and a white top with a tie, but he wears a brown hooded jacket when he is on the field.

Red Haired Anime Characters

Sho Hinakawa

Kallen Kozuki: Code Geass

Kallen is the protagonist in Code Geass; she is known as ‘Kallen Stadtfeld’, but she loves her mother’s maiden Japanese name. Her mother was part of revolutionary activities, but now she is part of the military. Kallen is a strong young slim lady with fair skin, red hair, and has big eyes. She loved to comb her red hair down, but she left them spiked up when she was at school.

Red Haired Anime Characters


Kallen wore a vest and shorts combination during her fight with the original Knightmare. But when piloting the Guren Mark II, she wears a magenta suit. Later on, she also wears a standard Black Knights uniform. But in school, Kallen wears a uniform, and during her time as a prisoner, she wears a yellow dress or elegant blue dress.

Chise Hatori: The Ancient Magus Bride

Chise is one of the Sleigh Beggy and one of the series’s main characters. Chise is married to Elias Ainsworth, and she is also an apprentice. She is Japanese with fair skin, red hair, and big green eyes. She is in her mid-teens and loves to grow her hair to her shoulder. Chise has many clothes, but she prefers to wear a red sweater vest with a white buttoned shirt underneath, a large green hooded coat, and a knee-length dirty dark-green skirt with brown boots.

Red Haired Anime Characters


Chise was sold, but Elias realized that Chise could become an apprentice. Elias bought Chise for five million pounds at the action stage. Chise realizes that she was with no one in the past, and Elias promised her that she would have a wonderful life. He uses a spell that teleports them to Elias’s home on the outskirts of a small village.

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Sasori: Naruto

Sasori is known as a member of the Red Sand and an S-rank missing-nin from Sunagakure’s Puppet Brigade. He also became a member of the Akatsuki Organization, where he was working with Orochimaru and later joined Deidara.

Red Haired Anime Characters


Sasori had medium red hair with brown eyes inherited from his mother. His red hair is inherited from his father; he has always seen it with a dreamy look on his face. During childhood, Sasori wore a purple robe with a Sunagakure forehead protector. He grew up in a lonely and sad environment where he has not have many friends and always feels lonely. But people who accepted him showed him the path to a good life.

Yoko Littner: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Yoko is one of the tritagonists of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. She is from red-haired girls from Jeeha’s neighboring village of Littner at 14. After the Gunmen that crashed into Jeeha Village during the first arc. Yoko always carries long-range firearms and loves to use long-range sniper rifles. Yoko has long red hair and loves to wear bikini clothes that have red color and black with long white, black boots that have red flaming marks. Yoko is involved in various war arcs.

Red Haired Anime Characters

Yoko Littner

Kagari Shiina: Steins Gate

Kagari Shiina is one of the main characters of Steins Gate. She is a young orphan girl adopted by Mayuri Shiina in the Beta Attractor Field. Shiina is a war orphan; she has pale skin, blue eyes, long red hair, and a slender build. Rintaro Okabe has noticed that Kagari has the same similarities with Kurisu Makise at the beginning of the first arc. But others is something different between the two.

Red Haired Anime Characters

Kagari Shiina

Shura Kirigakure: Ao no Exorcist

Shura is the main character and an Upper-First class Exorcist. Rin Okumura became her student. Shura trained with Shiro Fujimoto to gain the title Meister as a Knight. She is currently working as an Inspector for the Vatican but invaded True Cross Academy. In the academy, she hides her identity, calls herself Yamada, and later acts as a teacher, Exwires.

Red Haired Anime Characters

Shura Kirigakure

Shura has long red hair growing toward her back. She always carries a weapon on her back and leaves her chest out, making others praise her huge chest. Shura has become a great warrior, student, and teacher as she continues with her training and monitoring her students. Shura has red-like eyes and hair that covers parts of her eyes.

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