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Bigg Boss 14: Aly and Jasmine’s Relationship, A Topic of Interest for Rakhi?

Big Boss 14

Every season of Bigg Boss is full of controversies and drama that catch the attention of the audiences. Bigg Boss 14 is nowhere less when it comes to its spice quotient. The first day of the new year witnessed the same everyday drama with arguments and plotting plans against each other. The day began initially with showing a glimpse of Rakhi and Rahul’s conversation where Rakhi insisted him to thank her for helping him out. She says that if she hadn’t pulled and torn his dhoti, none of the contestants would have voted for him. She herself chose to be portrayed as a villain for the sake of Rahul. Rahul then thanks her for all the support she has shown.

Then we see Rakhi and Jasmine getting into an argument like their everyday ritual. Rakhi addresses Aly as ‘parrot’ and Jasmine as ‘maina.’ On being aware of this reference, Arshi confronts her and asks whether she was the one addressing people by lame reference and praying that the ‘parrot’ aka Aly is thrown out of the house. On being asked by Rakhi, Arshi claims that Vaidya was the one who helped her open her eyes and see the intentions of people clearly.

Soon after this, we see Rakhi and Aly squabbling and Arshi being Aly’s support in the entire conversation. Aly feels that initially when Rakhi entered the house, she was likable, but at this point in time, she has become extremely intolerable. As the heated conversation further continues, Rakhi claims that Aly and Jasmine are in love, to which Aly accepts this and says that Jasmine is his life and he loves her.

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As we saw in the Bigg Boss 14 recently, after all the verbal arguments that took place in the morning, the afternoon was awaiting a task. Bigg Boss assigned an immunity task to the contestants, following which a winner was to be chosen between Arshi and Rakhi, to be awarded an immunity for the next week. The contestants were asked to write down their new year resolutions, and that was listed boldly on a whiteboard. The task that followed was Arshi and Rakhi were supposed to make the contestants break their resolutions. Whoever among the two competitors managed to break more number of resolutions will be regarded as the winner of the immunity task. Rahul Mahajan was given the responsibility to manage and look into the fairness of the task.

We also see Aly talking about his relationship with Jasmine and sharing it with Vaidya. He says that if his family disagrees with their marriage, he’ll live with Jasmine and won’t marry anyone all his life.

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Rakhi and Arshi are seen trying their level best to win the immunity task. Vikas is seen supporting Rakhi and instructing her to use her brain efficiently to win the task. On the other hand, Mahajan is seen as being a supporter of Arshi. Jasmine has resolved to keep the house clean, and Rakhi tries to target her and break her resolution. She throws dirt in the bedroom, but Jasmine cleans it up. Rakhi then tries provoking her by constantly throwing food, to which many contestants of the house revolt and tell her not to throw away food and be natural with her task.

Jasmine and Aly

By the end of the day, Bigg Boss asks Rahul Mahajan, who, amid the two competitors, managed to break maximum resolutions. To which Mahajan says that none of them were successful in completing their tasks, to which Bigg Boss announces that neither Arshi nor Rakhi will be awarded the immunity. Arshi breaks down and feels that none of the inmates supported her.

Soon after the lights go off, Sonal is seen talking loudly and disturbing everyone’s sleep. The inmates resent this, but Sonali is in no mood to listen. She says that she’s in a mood to talk and will continue to do so. To this, Rubina refuses to work for the next week. Aly walks out of the room, and we see the inmates arguing with Sonal for disturbing their sleep. Sonali further ends up apologizing to Rubina, but Arshi feels shouldn’t have apologized. The Next Episode of Bigg Boss 14 airs on January 2, 2020, to bring more of this drama to Colors TV.

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