Power Book II: Ghost Season 2, Preview and Recap

Power Book 2: Ghost

Power Book II: Ghost is a television series that is created by Courtney Kemp. The series serves as a spin-off and sequel of the TV Series Power. The series was released in September 2020. The cast of Power Book II: Ghost includes Michael Rainey Jr., Shane Johnson, Gianni Paolo, Melanie Liburd, Lovell Adams-Gray, Daniel Bellomy, Quincy Tyler Bernstine, Paige Hurd, Woody McClain, Justin Marcel McManus. Now, the series is planning for a new season for the story, Power Book II: Ghost Season 2.

What is the plot about?

The series picks up from where the Power finale had left off. It follows Tariq navigating his new life, in which his desire to get away from his father’s legacy comes along with the pressure of protecting his family. Tariq ends up getting entangled with the dangerous Tejada family, adding more complications in his life as he tries to balance his education, love life, relationships, and pressure from Cooper Saxe.

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What happened in the Season 1 finale?

Tommy, Ghost’s best friend, turned enemy, returned with a desire to kill Tasha because she named him as the Ghost killer during the murder trial. However, Tommy fails on the first attempt, and Tariq comes in and says that he will help them all. It results in a car chase where Tommy follows Tasha, who’s recently been released, and the feds are actually after Tommy. And the whole chase ends up in an explosion, and Tommy takes this opportunity to fake his death. Tommy tells Tariq that he is leaving for New York, but he plans to take another hit at Tasha before he leaves.

But Tariq calls the FBI to tell them that Tasha’s life is in danger and to put her in a witness protection program earlier than planned. Monet then stops Tommy from trying to kill Tariq by pulling a gun on him, and Tariq leaves with her. The reason why Tasha is now a free woman is that Tariq took a stand in the trial and said that Saxe was illegally stalking him and that he was planning on ending the alliance between Saxe and MacLean. With Ott pulling strings from behind, Tasha names Tommy as the leader of the drug operation in exchange for Witness Protection for her and Yasmine but not for Tariq. Tariq confronts Jabari, who found out that Riq was selling drugs and was in relations with Dru.

Cane overhears and shoots Jabari, who thinks that Tariq is a snitch. Cane is also about to shoot Tariq, but St. Patrick convinces him to fix everything, including the murder of Officer Ramirez. Cane gives him Ramirez’s gun, and Tariq kills Jabari with it, who was planning on writing a book about Tariq’s illegal activities.

Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 might release sometime in 2021 and will open up to a lot of plotlines that were shown in the season 1 finale. It will show Tasha and Yasmine in the witness protection program, Tommy faking his death, Monet choosing Tariq over Cane, and Carrie protecting Zeke.

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