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Black Clover Episode 159: Lord Yuno To The Rescue?

Black Clover Episode 159: Lord Yuno?

The long-awaited showdown is finally here as the Clover and Heart Kingdom are about to face the Spade Kingdom. Six months have passed since the two Kingdoms had joined forces to train and get stronger. During this, the Magic Knights trained with the Spirit Guardians to learn the Mana Method. Meanwhile, Asta trained on honing the power of his swords. During all this, a member of the Spade resistance heads towards the Clover Kingdom on a mission. This article will focus on what happened in Episode 158 and give the possibilities for Black Clover Episode 159.

Black Clover Episode 158 Recap

The Spade Kingdom is finally attacking the Heart Kingdom by using the Mobile Fortress – Candelo. Candelo can withstand a strong magic region by leeching out mana. For this, the Spade soldiers utilize Spade citizens, planning to leach out every bit of life-force. Meanwhile, Lolopechka keeps an eye on them using Undine and informs this in their meeting. The moment Asta hears that people are in danger, he takes off. Lolopechka is fine with it as he has exceeded her expectations and believes he is more than capable.

Black Clover Episode 159: Lord Yuno?

Asta enters the Candelo and is ready to take on the Spade Soldiers.

Asta flies into Candelo using his Demon Slayer Sword. After realizing the situation at hand, he defeats the soldiers and faces the head who seems to have poisoned him. Asta uses the Demon-Destroyer to remove the poison and strikes him down too. Noelle, Mimosa, and Finral arrive at the scene. Mimosa uses her abilities to restore the hostages’ stamina. All healed, the people are worried about where they will go as their home had been captured. That’s when we come to know that Lolopechka had assigned Leopold and Luck to take out the outlying base of Spade Kingdom. They are successful on this mission and inform the same of the rest. So, when Asta declares their intention of defeating the devil in the Spade Kingdom, one of the hostages trembles. She tells them regarding the group called Dark Triad, who might even be at par with the devils.

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The Dark Triad

Back in the Spade Kingdom, the Dark Triad members – Dante Zogratis, Zenon Zogratis, and Vanica Zogratis are having a meeting. Dante notices how comfortable Zenon has gotten using the Devil’s powers. Zenon informs Dante of losing the Candelo and the outlying base. Meanwhile, Vanica is upset as Zenon is getting to have all the fun although he can only use devil power up to 40%. Dante acknowledges Vanica’s growth and tells them that it is finally time to strike and obtain the two arcane mages. The preparations were finally over, as all life is within the palm of their hands.

Black Clover Episode 159: Lord Yuno?

Dante claims that all life is within the palm of their hands.

Black Clover Episode 159 Release Date

The next episode of Black Clover titled “Quiet Lakes and Forest Shadows” will air on January 12, 2021, at 8:25 AM JST. Black Clover will release its new episode every Tuesday. Make sure to convert the above time to your local time zone to watch the episode as soon as it is aired. The episodes are available on major platforms such as Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Netflix.

Black Clover Episode 159 Spoilers

At the end of Episode 158, we saw the member of Spade Resistance finally reach the Clover Kingdom. Surprisingly, he has arrived at Hage Village and falls unconscious while calling out for “Lord Yuno”. We will certainly see why this man has arrived and is addressing Yuno as Lord. We’ll even see time skip Yuno, his connection to the Spade Kingdom, and does he meet this mysterious man. And we may even find out, who the two arcane stage mages are that Dark Triad is after.

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