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Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 3: Preview, When Will it Come Out?

Chicago Fire Season 9 Ep.3 Release Date & Preview

Chicago Fire is an American action-drama television series. It is created by Michael Brandt and Derek Haas with the Emmy Award-Winning Dick Wolf as its executive producer. The show first premiered on NBC on October 10, 2012. The show follows the life of the country’s everyday heroes who work in the noblest of professions. It depicts the professional and personal lives of the firefighters and paramedics working at Firehouse 51 of the Chicago Fire Department. This is an extended family to Truck Company 81, Squad Company 3, Engine Company 51, Ambulance 61, and Battalion 25. With one of the most stressful or dangerous jobs, these courageous men and women headfirst into danger. Risking their lives to save and protect, their actions make the difference between life and death. With season nine premiered on 11th November 2020, the show has already been renewed for a season ten and eleven.

Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 2 Recap

Casey and Brett

The episode titled “That Kind of Heat” started off where the season premiere left us at. Brett and Gianna are in the wrecked ambulance struggle to get out. Meanwhile, while others rush to their aide. Casey gets desperate to save Brett that he hastily jumps out of the moving truck. After Gianna gets out, Brett rushes off to save the man who ran them off. After identifying his damaged femoral artery, he is put into another ambulance and sent off to the hospital.

Chicago Fire Season 9 Ep.3 Release Date & Preview

Casey and Brett help Gianna out of the wrecked ambulance.

No longer having a ride, Brett and Gianna are given the day off. Later Casey comes to check on Brett, during which they both have a moment. Leaving the two acting weird around one another. Later, after hearing a conversation about herself, Brett gets sappy and leaves while Casey goes to her apartment. Brett kisses him, and as they both were about to hook up, she had a trivial question in her mind. What would happen if Gabriela were to come back in town, to which he has no answer and leaves.


Contradicting how Brett reacted to the accident, Gianna now doubts her abilities. She starts to think that she is not cut out for the work at Firehouse 51 and confides in Joe Cruz. Cruz reminds her that he promised her brother that he would take care of her. He believes that she does belong at 51, so Gianna comes back to work the next day. She says that she is committed to her work, after which there is a small scene between her and Severide.

Chicago Fire Season 9 Ep.3 Release Date & Preview

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When will Season 9 Episode 3 Release?

The show was scheduled to return on January 6 but was later postponed. This was due to the continuous coverage conducted by NBC on the events at Congress. The Senate was about to certify the election results as Joe Biden being elected as the new President. That’s when pro-Trump supporters started a riot and stormed the Capitol. These protests led to the representatives forced to hide themselves and the security to barricade the building. Now the situation is deemed safe with the senate continuing the mandated count of election results. During this, NBC had announced on their Twitter that all three ‘Chicago’ series had been delayed to air next week. Due to this, Episode 3 of ‘Chicago Fire’ titled “Smash Therapy” is expected to premiere on 13th January 2021. You can watch the episode on Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and NBC.

Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 3 Preview

The synopsis for the next episode states that a mishap was about to occur on the aerial ladder during a fire rescue. This leaves Mouch shaken up, due to which he starts questioning his abilities. Stella Kidd looks for some support from Kelly Severide as some big changes made her view her relationship differently. Elsewhere, Casey and Brett discuss the prospects of their relationship, considering how it ended last time.

This would mean this episode will follow up on Casey and Brett as they had taken the next step in their relationship. But, Brett doubts how Casey will react if Gabby, his ex, and her best friend were to return back to town. It’s hard to blame Brett after how Casey’s feelings for Gabby reignited when she came back only to leave later. On the other side, Stella should start preparing for her Lieutenant’s exam after her program is deemed a success. And we will see how Kelly, who already is a lieutenant, will support her in this career.

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