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No Game No Life Season 2: Possibilities of A Revival?

No Game No Life Season 2 Release Details

No Game No Life is an anime based on the Japanese light novel series by Yū Kamiya. The story follows the story of Sora and his stepsister Shiro. The two are shut-ins who together are popularly known as Blank, a group of gamers. One day, this duo is challenged to a game of chess by the God of Games. As they win, God summons them to his world, Disboard. It is a world where all decisions, no matter how trivial,  are decided through games. The duo head on their journey to defeat the god of games and take his throne. You can watch all the episodes of No Game No Life on Netflix and Crunchyroll.

When is No Game No Life Season 2 set to release?

This anime was released back on 9th April 2014, with 12 episodes. Later in 2018, No Game No Life the Movie: Zero was released. Since then, the fans have been eagerly waiting for an installment for the first season. No Game No Life was a huge success owing to its art style. But as of now, there is no news of Season 2 yet. After the end of Season One, the fans were left with various questions. Will Sora and Shiro take on other races? Will they be able to defeat the God of Games? The answer to these questions lies in the possibility of Season 2. If one is too eager to know the answers, they can read the light novels. But where is the fun in that, as earlier said, the series got popular due to its art style?

No Game No Life Season 2 Release Details

No Game No Life Zero Visual

Is there a possibility for future installments?

As much as we would want, there is no confirmation on season 2 yet. But if we were to look into other examples such as that of Bleach, it does look like a possibility. Bleach last aired in March 2012, yet there has been an announcement to continue the anime this year. So, we will list out the reasons why a season 2 for No Game No Life is not out of the question.

1. Popularity

Just like any other media, anime to run on the basis of its popularity. No Game No Life Season 1 was released in 2014; even so, the popularity has been reignited. This happened due to the release of its movie in 2018. This led to an increase in merch sales and Google searches.

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2. Source Material

No Game No Life toll date has 10 Light Novel in the series. The season adapted volumes 1-3 while the movie was a prequel making use of volume 6. Now, one can argue that there are still 6 volumes left untouched. This caters to enough material to base the anime’s second season on. But the problem is, there have been no volume releases since 2018.

According to some reports, the author is currently facing some health issues, therefore, is unable to work.

3. Profitability

No Game No Life Season 2 Release Details

No Game No Life Merchandise

Even though Season 1 aired in 2014, No Game No Life is incurring profits due to the movie’s release. The movie was a hit increasing the sales of the merchandise. So, there is clearly the only possibility of profits if and when the second season comes out.


According to the aforementioned factors, the only possible problem lies in the lack of the release of new source materials. 6 volumes still remain to be adopted, which is more than sufficient for another season. But it could be that Kadokawa refuses to put its resources towards something which may not have a future ahead.

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