Indian Shows You Can’t Miss on Amazon Prime Video

Indian Shows

Bored of streaming shows on Netflix and their English content? Well, we have a solution for you. For the time being, switch to Amazon Prime Video so that you don’t miss out on some really amazing shows it has in stock. These are some of the biggest hits from India on the platform. Let’s get you into a bit of detail of the shows, but don’t worry; we’re not giving any spoilers!

1. Bandish Bandits

A romantic musical treat that makes you fall in love with its concept of depicting the culture and the musical heritage that’s Bandish Bandits described in a line. It stars Ritwik Bhowmik as Radhe Rathod, a young boy who has lived in the ‘Bandish’ of his family and his grandfather, Pandit Radhemohan Rathod, who is the current Sangeet Samrat. He wants his grandfather’s ‘Gandak’, after which Pandit Ji will act as his guiding light for Radhe to carry his family’s musical legacy with grace.

Promotional poster of the series

On the contrary, we come across Shreya Chaudhry as Tamanna Sharma, who is the current pop sensation. She is a city ‘Bandit’ who wants to be India’s First Popstar. She has an opportunity to collaborate with a popular international celebrity, which is possible only if she’s able to deliver some hit songs. She is adamant about getting the collaboration in her favor and wants Radhe to be a part of her songs. While Tamanna has to grab her position to secure a chance and collaborate with Queen Ellie, Radhe has to save his ‘gharana’ from being snatched by Digvijay Rathod, his step-uncle.

Ritwik and Shreya as Radhe and Tamanna

The two form a band, which is named ‘Bandish Bandits’, a name drawn from the contrasting personalities both the protagonists carry. The collaboration of a rebellious girl and a conforming boy who are bound together by the rope of their passion for music brings them close when love begins to bloom between the two. The two contrasting personalities seem to interchange their traits at some point in the story because their journey has taught them to expand their horizons and made them capable of handling situations. A story with no foul words, violence, or objectification keeps you gripped in its entire stretch of runtime. Tune in into one of the best shows ever created, and we can assure you, you won’t turn back because, with an amazing storyline and characters, the show has some magical music that makes you fall in love with it a little more.

A still from Bandish Bandits

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2. Laakhon Mein Ek

A show that narrates a dark story of a boy who is sent forcefully to an IIT preparation institute for him to get into any of the top institutions in India. Sounds very familiar right? Well, the students who opted for Science and especially Maths after class 10th are well versed with parents being obsessed with the concept of seeing their children getting in IIT. A 3 letter word, yet so powerful that either it can make you the happiest or it can push you into a world of gloominess that will slap a note on your face saying you aren’t good enough.

Promotional poster of the series

It portrays the story of a Raipur boy named Aakash, played by Ritvik Sahore, who does not have the aptitude to get into the science stream after class 10th. He knows for a fact that pushing himself forcefully into it won’t land him up anywhere. He does mimicry quite well and wants to be an internet sensation. Aakash, owing to his low marks, doesn’t get into any college in his city, but his father, obsessed with the concept of IIT, sends him to a residential preparatory institute ‘Genius Infinity’. A place that is full of book nerds and science geeks and has no place for people to breathe in the air of relaxation. He, being a low scorer, is sent to section D, the worst of all, where he befriends two boys, Chudail and Bakri. He gets into a series of webs and traps that hold him down in their clutches. Will he able to break them and free himself?

Indian Shows
Ritwik Sahore as Aakash

The show demonstrates the frustration, pressure, and moments of self-doubt of a student moreover a child goes through when he’s pushed into something that isn’t meant for him. Aakash tries his level best to meet the expectations of his parents. He tries studying all day, but what isn’t meant for you, won’t come to you. He fails to be the IIT geek, and the forceful journey pushes him into a pit of darkness that surrounds his whole life. The show is narrated on a series and heart-wrenching note and doesn’t try to enforce comedy, and that’s one of the best things to pay attention to. The show will travel you back in time, especially when you’re someone who too was forced on this path.

3. Breathe: Into The Shadows

An Indian Psychological crime thriller that keeps you gripped on your screens and fixed on your seats, that’s Abhishek Bachchan and Amit Sadh starrer ‘Breathe.’ The show is a perfect example of a suspense based crime thriller that has ever been created by the Indian entertainment industry. It doesn’t bore you out with its storyline, instead, it keeps you invested in its entire stretch. It portrays a dark and gritty story of a father who aims to save his kidnapped daughter, but he has two choices-either he takes a life for the sake of his daughter, or he lets go of her life. Briefing you a bit before you get all confused, the story revolves around a psychiatrist Avinash Sabharwal and his wife, who live in Dekhi and are parents to a 6-year-old girl Siya. Siya is a juvenile diabetic and needs continued care with scheduled insulin shots.

Indian Shows
Promotional poster of the series

Their harmonious life is destructed when their kid goes missing at a birthday party. They inform the police, who try to search for her but comes up to the conclusion that Siya has been kidnapped. The kidnapper doesn’t contact the couple for months, and they breakdown because they aren’t sure if their kid is even alive or not. But then one day, they receive an iPad that has a video of Siya, who is being looked after with care. The kidnapper has his rules clear-in order to save Siya, Avinash will have to kill random people for the exposition of two sins-anger and lust. But Avinash, being a psychiatrist, begins to investigate and understand the mind games the kidnapper is trying to play.

Indian Shows
Abhishek Bachchan as Avinash Sabharwal

But it ain’t all easy for Avinash and Abha. A determined cop Kabir has his eyes on them. He won’t give space to injustice to walk into the lives of innocent people. Will Avinash takes innocent lives who have no connection with him or the captivity of his daughter? Will Kabir be their support, or will he stand as a barrier between them and their daughter. Well, as the show proceeds, it unveils a certain twist in the story, which we’re surely not gonna tell you now. After all, we ain’t giving you any spoilers. So tune into this dark and gripping series and witness a thrilling story while you’re lazy in your blankets.

All three shows belong to three different genres. So pick up something that you’re gonna watch next until we write and post some more recommendations for you.

Note: Breathe: Into The Shadows and Laakhon Mein Ek are the initial seasons of the show. They have another season added to their titles, but in both cases, the stories are completely different and don’t extend their storyline in any manner.

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