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Who Does Shinobu End Up With In Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba?

Shinobu End Up With
Shinobu End Up With

This article will delve into the storyline of the manga and anime series Demon Slayer and also will reveal that who will Shinobu end up with?. Created by Koyoharu Gotouge, some of the series’ mains characters are Tanjiro Kamado, Nezuko Kamado, Zenitsu Agatsuma, Inosuke Hashibira, and Kanao Tsuyuri. The narrative follows the revenge story of a young boy Tanjiro Kamado who strives to become a demon slayer. His family was slaughtered by the Demons, and his younger sister Nezuko was turned into a demon. The story is set in Japan, and as it progresses, the brother and sister get to know about the secret society Demon Slayer Corps. 

They altogether intend on slaying demons once and all for good. Demons have been feeding on humans and turning them into one over centuries, and now their reign has to end. Initially, a Japanese manga series now has several anime as well as film adaptions. The Manga series, however ran from February 2016 to May 2020. The manga has moreover managed to sell 150 million copies worldwide, and with this milestone, it became the 9th best-selling manga series of all time. Instead of focusing on the main characters in this informative piece, we will be focusing on the love life of a major supporting character. To be more precise, we will be talking about who is Shinobu going to end up with.

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Who is Shinobu Kocho?

Shinobu End Up With

Shinobu Kocho

The major supporting character of Demon Slayer is Sinobu Kocho. She serves the Demon Slayer Corps, which is an organization that exists for protecting humanity from demons.  Hashira’s are the most powerful swordsmen, and Shinobu is one of the elite class warriors of the same. Shinobu Kocho is most recognized for her overtly soothing voice that seems to convey all the love and patience in the world and has even demonstrated a decent sense of humor. She is a very busy lady with a lot of responsibilities, and being the pillar, she had to go on the most dangerous missions. The ultimate mission of her life was to bring down the demon that killed her sister, and eventually, she got what she wanted.

Talking about her appearance, she is a young woman with a pale complexion. Her large eyes that lack pupils have a gradient purple haze. Extremely attractive with shoulder-length wavy hairs, she is often considered the weak Hashira. Despite being short in height, unlike the other warriors, she is nonetheless as lethal as the rest of them. With the physical strength so powerful, just a single thrust from her sword would easily shatter a stone boulder in two halves. A female character with so many extraordinary skills, stamina, speed, and endurance is not common. As the other series just portray the characters as a weak character that needs to be saved by the hero.

Who does Shinobu end up with?

In order to end up with someone, the character needs to make it to the end alive. It would certainly have been fun to see Kocho infatuated with someone, but unfortunately, her life of danger as a Hashira deems this impossible. She died revenging her dead sister in a battle with Upper-Rank Two Doma. It won’t be wrong to say that Shinobu had feelings for Giyuu that could have led to a romantic relationship. However, her character was not the one that had time for a relationship. The fans had not yet been able to get over the deeply heart-shattering death of our beloved warrior.

Shinobu End Up With

Shinobu’s death scene

The Battle of Infinity Castle

Just like everyone, Doma is initially dismissive of Shinobu and seems to know her only weakness. He correctly guesses that Shinobu lacks the physical strength to cut off a Demon’s head. Do not let this distract you from the fact that Shinobu was able to blitz Upper Moon 2 multiple times. Doma also admitted that Shinobu was way too fast for him to react. And Doma is someone who, by rank is quite literally the third strongest demon in the entire series. Shinobu fought bravely till the end. But when she strikes, Doma cuts both her collarbones and ribs, also puncturing one of her lungs. Shinobu is still not ready to give up and prepares to attack once again. Eventually, this time she is absorbed by the Upper Rank.

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