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Nashville: Who Does Scarlett End Up With In The Finale?

Who does Scarlett end up with in Nashville? Mostly known for its amazing music is the American TV series Nashville. As far as the original Nashville city is concerned, it is otherwise known as the City of Music. So the show had to keep up with that image, and the soundtrack, to be honest, exceeded expectations. Ever since the series started, fans have been on tenterhooks to know about how the storyline will turn out to be for Scarlett. Now it’s been almost 3 years, given that the show concluded in 2018, and still, many of you want to know the answer to that very same question that Who does Scarlett end up with.

Well, you must have guessed the subject matter of this article by now, so let’s get going. For those who are new to the series, let me start with a little introduction which will be followed by the basic storyline in the subsequent sections. Nashville is primitively an American musical soap opera television series created by Callie Khouri. Starring big names like Connie Britton, Hayden Panettiere, Clare Bowen, and Eric Close, the series premiered on ABC in 2012. It ran for 6 seasons and chronicled the lives of various fictitious country music singers of Nashville. The series concluded with the 124th episode in 2018.

Scarlett End Up With
Still From The Series

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Nashville: Storyline

The basic plot revolves around the lives of country singers from Nashville. The main protagonist is the 40-year-old  Rayna Jaymes and has got a rival, Juliette Barnes. Rayan being an established “Queen of Country Music” envies the best-selling young star Barnes. Rayna discovers the songwriting talent of Scarlett O’Connor and thinks that she could be the key to helping Rayna resurrect her career. As the story progresses, we get to see the buildup as the conflict is on the horizon over a guitarist, Deacon Claybourne. The succeeding seasons however, bring in Rayan’s daughter Maddie Conrad and some recurring characters like Hallie Jordan and Ashley Wilkenson.

Who is Scarlett O’Connor

Scarlett End Up With
Scarlett O’Connor

Scarlet is introduced in season one as the niece of the guitarist Deacon. Blue-eyed young girl Scarlett loves to write poetry and is advised by Gunnar to put her poetry into music. Although already dating an aspiring musician Avery Barkley she falls for Gunnar Scott and consequently splits with Avery. Not sure of her own feelings, she also rejects Gunnar and decides to continue her career as a soloist. She experiences trauma and eventually is hospitalized with severe depression. After being released from Rayana’s contract, she along with Gunnar and Avery returns to their band, which is now named Triple Xs.

Scarlett later realizes that she still loves Gunnar, and in season 5, they both get back together. With the entry of a new character, Damien George Scarlett rather changes her focus and develops feelings for him as well. A turn of events takes place, and we, by the end of the 5th season, realize that Scarlett is pregnant and Damien is the father. Following her unfortunate miscarriage, she decides to volunteer at a horse farm and meets an army veteran Sean. Sean has feelings for her, but she does not reciprocate the same. However, it is the series finale that leaves us wondering about the mystery man to whom Scarlett is engaged.

Who does Scarlett end up with?

Scarlett End Up With
Clare Bowen with her husband, Brandon Robert Young

The answer to this will seem to appear out of the blue, but that was what the makers wanted. Scarlett O’ Connor is played by actress Clare Bowen. As a young girl who works at the Bluebird Cafe, Scarlett had been in an on and off relationship on-screen with the character Gunnar Scott portrayed by Sam Palladio. Despite the fact that Scarlett had the most number of romantic interests on the entire show, the makers decided to pair her up with a mystery man that has never ever been on the show. The end of the series reveals that Scarlett got engaged to a man as the scene shows the two on a tour with Deacon. That might sound weird, but it looks like, after all, it wasn’t that bad for the actress Clare Bowen. The mystery man was none other than the actress’s real-life husband and musician, Brandon Robert Young.

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