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Hugh Jackman Advocates For Presence Of Mental Health Professionals On Sets

hugh jackman

The popular actor Hugh Jackman has been in the news recently for advocating for mental health. He recently gave an interview to BBC where he stated the importance of mental health. It is rare for celebs to speak on this topic which is still considered taboo. A person with mental illness is not really understood by society and has to face many harsh judgments.

Hugh Jackman might be the first celeb to talk about having mental health professionals on sets. This is something that is really important, but the taboo and shame associated with mental illness are obstructing progress in the field. Hugh opened his heart by stating that if we discuss mental health, then there is too much ignorance in this field. People are not really aware of that. And it’s high time we all address this.

Hugh Jackman mental health update

Hugh Jackman Talks About His Vulnerabilities

Hugh Jackman says that he was struck with vulnerabilities while he was shooting for ‘The Son’ movie. He is enacting the character of a dad whose teenage son suffers from depression. It was toilsome to shoot for the movie, and it did leave him emotionally drained. The fact that the director had to get in psychiatrists on the set says a lot about the same.

According to Hugh, an employer needs to accord importance to the well-being of their employees in all forms. Movies based on mental health can be very demanding and toilsome to shoot.

Hugh Jackman latest interview

Hence it is vital to address their mental health so that actors can fully focus on their roles and get rid of their vulnerabilities. Hugh, who has a net worth of $180 million dollars gained prominence with the Wolverine Franchise.

Is Hugh Jackman Suffering From Mental Illness?

When  Hugh Jackman’s interview got viral, then some assumed that he was also suffering from some mental illness. Is  Hugh Jackman going through depression? Is he suffering from a personality disorder? Well, the answer is no. Hugh Jackman is not suffering from many mental illnesses. Actually, whenever a popular celeb opens up about mental health, people assume that he must be suffering from the same, which is why he is talking about it now.

Hugh Jackman mental health status

But all this is baseless. Hugh Jackman’s mental health is perfect. He has just talked about the importance of mental health. And it is not the first time. Last year too, he talked about how mental health was impacting people during the covid pandemic. He was trying to help as many people as he could by offering them emotional and mental support.

What Do Experts Say?

Hugh Jackman is getting appreciation from both fans and experts for advocating mental health. Many are of the opinion that it would actually be a great idea to employ mental health experts on the sets.

We dug into some studies done by experts regarding the mental health of film and Tv workers. 90% of film and TV workers suffer mental health issues. Recruiting mental health specialists might be a sensible and positive move in an industry that has progressed to suit the changing times.

Hugh Jackman net worth

What Is Hugh Jackman’s Latest Movie All About?

Hugh Jackman’s latest movie is The Son. This popular actor has been a fan favorite since always. His movie The Son isn’t any action drama or thriller.

It is a moving tale of a teenage boy’s struggles with depression and how his father stands by him. 17-year-old Nicholas’s depression and worsening mental health take a toll on his parents’ lives. His father, Peter (played by Hugh Jackman), is a lawyer. Nicholas blames his parents for his condition as they both have taken a divorce, and Peter is involved in an extramarital affair.

Hugh Jackman latest movie

The son was scheduled to release in November 2022. It has already premiered this year in several prestigious film festivals, including Toronto and Venice Film Festivals. The film received widespread appreciation from critics though few felt it was way too stretched and needed some editing.

Does Hugh Jackman Have Any History Of Mental Illness?

Fans desire to know whether Jackman suffered from any mental illness in the past. We dug into details about the same and discovered that Jackman had revealed in one of his interviews his struggles with mental health. He was a victim of a childhood trauma which still continues to trouble him. Infact he had even taken therapy to handle his fears and apprehensions.

Right now, Hugh Jackman is doing fine. But he desires to speak for all those who are scared to seek help, especially the ones in the entertainment industry. Jackman says that these days the concept of intimacy coaches has picked up. They are there to guide the filming of intimate scenes.

If the production can employ intimacy coaches, then there should not be any harm in employing mental support professionals, especially for those movies that can emotionally drain you. Sometimes the character and the filming can affect you deeply.

Well, kudos to Hugh Jackman for raising such an important topic. Let’s hope his voice and support are heard and acted upon by the concerned people.

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