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What Episode Does Chloe Find Out About Lucifer? Everything You Need To Know

Lucifer and Chloe
Lucifer and Chloe

Fantasy shows and movies are the best way to escape from reality. Whether it’s a romance between a vampire and a human-like in Vampire Diaries or Twilight series, or it is a romantic show like ‘The Legends of The Blue Sea,’ ‘It’s Okay Not To Be Okay,’ ‘Doom At Your Service’ or ‘The King: Eternal Monarch’ or it is some hero saving the world like in Avengers or some show about witches like ‘The Witcher.’ They always help in escaping from real-life trouble for a bit. Making people’s minds relax. One such show is Lucifer.

Lucifer is a fantasy show which was premiered on January 25, 2016. The show was developed by Tom Kapinos, who is also the developer of Dawson’s Creek. American show Lucifer is based on a comic book named The Sandman’s spinoff by Neil Gaiman, Mike Dringenberg, and Sam Kieth.

Lucifer has a total of 6 seasons. Its first 3 seasons were aired on FOX channel, and the remaining 3 were Netflix original seasons. The show’s shooting was done in Vancouver, British Columbia, and after the second season, its shooting location was shifted to Los Angeles, California.

The show revolves around Lucifer Morningstar, who was thrown out of Heaven due to his rebellious nature. Lucifer was tired of punishing people for their crimes and therefore decided to renounce his position of ‘Lord of Hell’ and, against his father’s wish, came to Los Angeles, where he opened his nightclub and named it Lux.

He met Chloe Decker when he started to investigate a murder. Her intriguing personality attracted Lucifer. His ability to manipulate people to express their deepest darkest desire was not working on Chloe, making him curious about her. Later, Lucifer was offered to work with Chloe to investigate cases, which of course, was not liked by Chloe.

Tom Ellis is seen playing the role of the famous Lucifer, whereas Chloe is portrayed by Lauren German. Apart from these two, the audience also got to see Kevin Alejandro as Daniel “Dan” Espinoza, D. B. Woodside, and Lesley-Ann Brandt playing the role of Amenadiel and Mazikeen, respectively. Dr. Linda Martin is played by Rachael Harris.

Lucifer and Chloe

Whoever has watched Lucifer ca doesn’t stop themselves from loving Lucifer and Chloe. Both are opposite but still are dying worthy when they are together. One goes by the book, whereas the other goes in exactly a different way. Their chemistry is what has people’s hearts.

Lucifer and Chloe met while investigating the death of Delilah, a famous young pop star. After their encounter, Chloe started to find Lucifer irritating due to his odd behavior. Unlike, Chloe, who was not ready to accept their growing closeness, Lucifer was enjoying working together with his partner, Chloe Decker.



After some sweet, bitter moments, Chloe finally admitted that she does enjoy working with Lucifer. Later, he officially became her working partner when he was offered to work for Los Angeles Police Department. Lucifer, on various occasions, told Chloe about him being a devil, whereas Chloe didn’t believe him.

He started finding himself weak and vulnerable in front of her. Despite their bitter-sweet moments, both came close and started to develop a bond as friends and co-workers.

Chloe kept rejecting Lucifer’s moves, which was strange as no one had ever done it. But despite her rejection, she starts to develop romantic feelings for Lucifer, the same is the case with him, but both refuse to accept it. Later in the show, Chloe admits her feeling toward Lucifer after she sees him working with Ella Lopez.

In the ‘Stewardess Interruptus’ episode, the duo finally kissed at the beach, which was initiated by Chloe after Lucifer gave a long speech about him being unworthy of her and also told her that he was not going to follow her around anymore.

Lucifer and Chloe at beach

Lucifer and Chloe at the beach

When did Chloe come to know about Lucifer?

Chloe finally realized that Lucifer is a real ‘Devil’ in ‘A Devil of My Word’ episode in season 3. In the episode, he killed Marcus Pierce to save Chloe, who wanted to hurt her. After recovering, Chloe saw him standing on top of Marcus’ body in his real form and realized that he was truly a devil.

Lucifer and Chloe

Lucifer and Chloe

After this realization, she started doubting him and her love for him. Father Kinley used her doubts to manipulate her and made her believe that Lucifer was evil.

After Lucifer confesses how vulnerable he is around her, Chloe finally gets her senses back. In the ‘Who’s da New King of Hell?’ episode Chloe finally confesses her feelings towards Lucifer, and he also confesses that she is his first love.

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